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The Main Components of an Aftermarket Coilover

The Main Components of an Aftermarket Coilover

Upgrading a luxury car to better suit your lifestyle is easy because so many options are available. For instance, one of the most prevalent suspension upgrades out there are aftermarket coilovers. The name comes from “coil over shock,” referring to the system’s main components.

However, before choosing any given upgrade for your car, it’s worth learning about the individual components and how they impact performance. So, to assist you with finding the right upgrade, the details below will introduce you to the main components of an aftermarket coilover.

Coil Springs

As the name suggests, one of the key components of a coilover is a coil spring. When installing a coilover, the spring acts as a suitable support for the whole weight of the vehicle. As you travel down the road, your coil spring will compress when moving over bumps or uneven terrain. As a result, this component reduces significant bounce and body roll on the road, ensuring the drive is smooth and stable.

Shock Absorbers

Coilovers feature a coil spring over a shock absorber, hence the phrase, “Coil over shock.” As you can see, springs are helpful on their own, so what do shock absorbers bring to the mix? Simply put, the shock absorbers serve a very similar function: compressing and extending when driving over rough terrain to maintain ideal weight distribution.

More specifically, in a coilover setup, the springs handle compression while the shock absorbers will extend once you’re off that rough patch of road. So, instead of doing the same thing simultaneously, the coils and shocks have individual roles to play when driving over bumpy terrain.

Finding the Right Set

Now that you know the main components of an aftermarket coilover, you can determine if they’re ideal for your ride. If you want more control over your car’s height and stability on the road, aftermarket coilovers are one of the most common and effective solutions available.

Plus, as you can see from our selection of coilover springs, this suspension upgrade is available in many variations, from the color to the spring rate. As a result, coilovers are an excellent way to simultaneously personalize your ride’s look and performance.

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