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Upgrade your coilovers to Swift Springs

Swift Springs uses their own proprietary material and a unique manufacturing process to provide a superior level of performance and handling. The springs are lighter and reacts to driving conditions faster, yet smoother. Swift Springs also feel softer at the same spring rate compared to the standard coilover springs by other companies.

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Which BC Racing Coilovers are best for you?

May 4th 2018

Which BC Racing Coilovers are best for you?

BC Racing Coilovers are available in six different models. While the BR Series are the entry level model and the most popular, there are other options better suited for differen…

How to adjust suspension preload

Apr 4th 2018

How to adjust suspension preload

You may have heard the term preload and how to properly adjust preload before. In this article we will be discussing what preload is, how to adjust it, and the benefits of do…

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