About Us

Springrates.com was founded in 2005 to provide the automotive performance parts industry with a trustworthy company that specializes in high performance suspension including aftermarket coilovers, lowering springs, air ride, sway bars and more. Since then, we have continued to offer only high caliber products alongside exceptional customer service. We strive to maintain that good reputation knowing that it is hard to find in this market. We want to build a personal relationship with you because we are just like you— we are car enthusiasts.

Suspension Is Everything

Suspension has always been the first modification we recommend for any car. Not only does it help the way your car looks aesthetically, but most of all it helps your car perform better. Lowering the center of gravity greatly improves handling and braking. Cars come from the factory with higher ground clearance to making driving easier, the car more convenient and comfortable for most people, and to ensure there is no rubbing when a car interacts with obstacles on the road.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

We know that great pricing and fast shipping is what all customers want. About 90% of our inventory is in stock and ships within 24 hours. Our pricing is listed at the Minimum Advertised Price allowed by the manufacturers. This is also known as "MAP." To discount even further, we offer FREE shipping within the Continental USA. All of these factors combined add simplicity and affordability to everything we sell. We are a small company focused on making the transaction as easy as possible. We are available to speak direct with you to provide enough information to help you confidently choose the right parts for your car and driving preference.

Why The Name "Springrates?"

"Spring rates" is a common term in the world of suspension. It refers to the ratio used to measure how resistant a spring is to being compressed or expanded during the spring's deflection. The stiffness of your springs is very important when selecting suspension specifically for your vehicle. Since we specialize in suspension, we felt this name was easy to remember, simple, and unique. It was also available across all social media networks, making it super easy to find us!