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What You Need To Know Before Lowering Your Car’s Suspension

What You Need To Know Before Lowering Your Car’s Suspension

Lowering a car’s suspension is one of the many ways a driver can personalize their ride to fit their lifestyle. However, if you want to make the most out of this project, you should know exactly what you’re getting into. Use the details below to learn what you need to know before lowering your car’s suspension.

Performance Updates

One of the top details about lowering suspensions is that it can improve vehicle handling on the road. After all, when you lower a car, you’re also lowering its center of gravity. Making this adjustment to the vehicle’s center of gravity helps with weight distribution significantly.

For instance, when you’re making tight turns on the road, a lower suspension will prevent excessive leaning and bouncing, making the accelerating and braking much smoother. Lowering also results in a stiffer suspension, which is a suitable match for drivers seeking a sportier ride.

Aesthetic Adjustments

Performance isn’t the only thing you can enhance with this process. Another great aspect of lowering a car’s suspension is how it looks. Cars closer to the ground have a more aggressive appearance, which is perfect for those who love racing. Likewise, that aggressive appearance is ideal for car shows where you want your ride to stand out. Something as simple as reducing the wheel gap can greatly impact your car’s visual style.

Quality Parts

Our walkthrough of what you need to know before lowering your car’s suspension requires focusing on the parts that get it done. For example, you can adjust your car’s height with an aftermarket coilover. A coilover is a mixture of coil springs and shock absorbers that give the driver more control over their car’s center of gravity.

However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to lower your vehicle’s height without extra bells and whistles, try aftermarket lowering springs. After swapping your factory set with quality aftermarket lowering springs, you can still enjoy the performance and appearance benefits of reducing ride height. Of course, the bells and whistles are handy for some drivers, but lowering springs are a great alternative.

Remember to check whether you’re buying lowering kits that are compatible with your vehicle. That will certainly influence performance, too. Whether you’re leaning more towards lowering springs or coilovers, you now know enough to decide whether lowering your car’s suspension is right for your driving style.

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