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5 Suspension Upgrades To Improve Your Car’s Performance

5 Suspension Upgrades To Improve Your Car’s Performance

When cars come out of the factory, they can look and feel beautiful. That said, every driver is different. Some folks want to keep their rides pristine, while others don’t mind dirtying up their cars while off-roading. As a result, many different vehicle upgrades are available for drivers to tailor the vehicle to their lifestyle.

For example, if you want to enhance your vehicle’s stability on the road, suspension upgrades are the way to go. So, where do you start? Let’s dive into some of the best suspension upgrades to improve your car’s performance.

Air Suspension

An air suspension system acts as a replacement for the standard springs, instead using an “air spring.” The latter is an enclosed, flexible rubber membrane that inflates and deflates on command. Simply put, air suspension allows you to control the height of your car with the simple press of a button.

Possibly the most common compliment you’ll hear about air suspension is the comfort it brings to the ride, allowing smooth travel on and off the road. Thus, if the terrain ahead poses problems, you can inflate the air spring and navigate the obstacles safely.

Likewise, if you want to lower the vehicle for a sleeker, more uniform appearance at your next car show, you can do so easily. As you can see, suspension upgrades are all about tailoring the performance and aesthetics to fit your preferences. After all, one of the most fulfilling things to do with a new car is to personalize it how you see fit.


Another easy way to adjust your vehicle’s height is with quality coilovers. Essentially, coilovers are a convenient combination of coil springs and shock absorbers that help you tweak the car’s handling. Beyond simply adjusting height, this upgrade provides more control over the vehicle’s damping, camber, and more. Coilovers also assist with maintaining proper weight distribution.

For instance, lowering your ride with coilovers minimizes the weight transfer while you’re braking, accelerating, and so forth. That way, you can keep the vehicle at the height you want without hurting its performance.

Likewise, minimizing wheel gap with coilovers makes the car look sleek and presentable for car shows. So, if you want to improve your vehicle’s handling and appearance, consider adding a quality coilover kit to the mix. However, coilovers and air suspension are just two ways to upgrade your car’s performance. Next, let’s move on to a common and reliable method for improving suspension: shocks and struts.

Shocks & Struts

Shocks and struts are the keys to finding proper balance on the road. In this context, balance simply refers to how your car reacts to sudden actions; does it feel stable or unstable? Sudden braking can cause cars to dive due to the lack of proper weight transfer. Likewise, swerving can feel erratic or jarring if you don’t optimize your suspension system carefully.

Aftermarket shocks and struts can help you fine-tune how the vehicle handles swerves, sudden brakes, and other similar situations on the road that can throw the vehicle off balance. Although the shocks and struts are two separate parts, they work in tandem to help the car handle sudden weight transfers. So, when you want to replace one part of that equation, think about how it affects the other.

Of course, this is a principle you should bring to any car upgrade. Regardless, shocks and struts require precise planning if you want to get the most out of fast brakes, turns, and so forth. Plus, you can find aftermarket options that help you meet specific terrain requirements.

For instance, at Springrates, our aftermarket suspension parts include shock absorbers that will help you retain stability during on-road and off-road applications. Suffice it to say, off-road terrain can be pretty uneven at times, so having a way to maneuver safely and stably is a must.

Lowering Springs

Like all the additions to this list, lowering springs improve your car’s handling. This occurs because, by lowering your car, you’re lowering the center of gravity, which leads to better control and sportier performance on the road.

So, what sets lowering springs apart from the upgrades above? When it comes to seeking suspension upgrades to improve your car’s performance, budget is always a key factor to consider. When you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost your car’s suspension performance, lowering springs are an excellent solution. Luckily, this lower cost doesn’t mean these springs are of low quality.

In reality, the minimal parts make this upgrade budget-friendly while still delivering optimal control on the road. Although the aftermarket lowering springs replace your factory springs, they will successfully work with your factory shocks; no comprehensive upgrade is necessary. Of course, if you want to invest in more than one upgrade, that’s certainly attainable.

That said, remember the key principle in our shocks and struts section. Always take time to ensure all upgrades and factory parts work together beautifully instead of clashing, resulting in a less than optimal experience. Now, let’s dive into the final suspension upgrade worth considering: sway bars.

Sway Bars

Chassis upgrades can have a substantial effect on your suspension systems because they work hand in hand to keep your ride stiff and reliable during drives. When you want to boost your suspension system performance, among the best chassis upgrades to consider are sway bars. Sway bars reduce chassis roll when you’re making quick turns, so you can minimize lean and maximize precision.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for cars to feel uneven when taking them on fast turns or bends in the road, which causes that unreliable lean at times. Thankfully, attaching sway bars stiffens up the chassis, so it works with your whole suspension system to keep the vehicle level and under control.

As you can see, suspension upgrades come down to finding the best way to control your vehicle, especially when handling erratic movements, whether turns or swerves. Luckily, now that you know some of the best upgrades available, you can start searching for a suitable option today and tailor your ride to fit your preferences beautifully. Sometimes, a simple upgrade can make a substantial difference on and off the road.

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