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The Differences Between Ball Joint and Uniball Control Arms

The Differences Between Ball Joint and Uniball Control Arms

Control arms are among the many options drivers have when they want to update their suspension system. Control arms help with movement on the road, so how should you approach the purchase when it’s time to upgrade your ride? Read on to learn the differences between ball joint and uniball control arms for your vehicle.

The Different Designs

Ball joints are critical components that connect to the steering knuckle, allowing it to pivot perfectly on the road. You can maintain a smooth and consistent ride with the help of this control arm design. The ball joint’s sealed design is similar to that of the ball and socket joints in our bodies. On the other hand, uniball control arms are spherical bearings that aren’t sealed, but provide a greater range of movement when driving. Now that you know more about how these components weave into your car, we’ll dive into the different applications for each.

Ball Joint Applications

At Springrates, we carry many adjustable control arms so a wide range of car owners can customize their suspension systems. For instance, the right upgrade will differ depending on what conditions the control arms will endure. Ball joints have a sealed design that prevents dust and other debris in the air from making their way into the system and wearing down your suspension parts. This means the ball joint control arm is better for everyday driving on the road, where you may kick up various forms of debris into the joints.

Uniball Applications

The uniball design is better for heavy-duty off-roading because of its more durable design. However, daily driving with uniball control arms is risky because they don’t have the sealed design of a ball joint; daily debris on the road can damage uniball performance quickly.

At the end of the day, both control arm options can extend the life span of your suspension, as long as you’re using it for the right applications. Thanks to this quick walkthrough, the differences between ball joint and uniball control arms should be clearer, so you can find the right match for your driving needs each time.

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