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New Product: HKS HIPERMAX S Coilovers now available

New Product: HKS HIPERMAX S Coilovers now available

Earlier this year, HKS unveiled the future of their new coilover series for street use with the HKS HIPERMAX S series.

The three existing HKS MAX IV GT series coilvers are replaced with the new HIPERMAX S. Nine years have passed since the launch of HKS Hipermax IV GT, and during that time, HKS has developed new technologies.

In addition to all three conventional model’s characteristics, the HIPERMAX S series has new features such as dual PVS, improved shape of needle jet and bump stop rubber, and low friction technology. All HIPERMAX S Coilovers now come with a three-year manufacturer warranty due to optimized internal parts and quality improvement. The HIPERMAX S series offers the best ride in HKS suspension history.

Production started March 2021 and the first kits are scheduled to ship in July 2021.


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POSTED BY Dev Praella