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Introducing the Generation 7 Fortune Auto Coilovers

Introducing the Generation 7 Fortune Auto Coilovers

The next line of updates for the Fortune Auto Coilovers have arrived. Fortune Auto is constantly making improvements to their coilovers over the years with their Generation 7 being "the most advanced generation yet." Features that once were upgrades are now standard. And probably the most noticeable difference is the new color combination.

Let's break it down...

Radial Bearing Mounts are now standard on MacPherson applications

The high-quality Koyo Japan radial bearing provides less bind for noise-free operation and smoother steering response. These radial bearing mounts are now standard on vehicles that have the MacPherson suspension design. That's right— no additional cost.

Flow Digressive Piston Technology

Flow Digressive Technology allows for tremendous amounts of low speed force that translates driver inputs into razor sharp control. Furthermore, the force “blows off” to provide the driver with a supple compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces.

Redesigned, Back-milled Aluminum Components

Aluminum components on the Generation 7 series coilovers are designed for optimal efficiency by maximizing weight savings without compromising integrity. Radial Bearings are back-milled along with completely redesigned spring perches, standard locking spring perches, aluminum camber bolt sleeves, and bow-tie style aluminum pillowball housings. Almost all components are now lighter and showcase a more elegant design.

American Made Premium Chrome Silicon Springs

The Generation 7 line of suspension is equipped with a new standard spring. Made in the USA with a special premium alloy that offers superior performance, longevity, and ride quality.

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