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3 Helpful Tips for Upgrading Your Car’s Upper Control Arms

Posted by Springrates ,Apr 27th 2022
3 Helpful Tips for Upgrading Your Car’s Upper Control Arms

Cars are upgradable in many ways, so finding the right option for your ride can be quite satisfying. For instance, control arms are a common upgrade that impacts your suspension performance. While you can easily find quality control arms available, you should avoid rushing this purchase until learning a few essentials. Use these helpful tips for upgrading your car’s upper control arms correctly.

Consider Your Aesthetic

New control arms are perfect for drivers who want to optimize their vehicle’s performance, but this upgrade will boost aesthetics, too. So, when browsing the market, always consider how the control arms will mix with your vehicle visually.

The upper control arms reside at the front end of the car. Thus, installing aftermarket models lets you personalize the appearance, whether you want them to feature bright, light hues or darker shades that blend into the suspension system design. The only right choice is the one that impresses you, so take time to consider aesthetics before buying control arms.

Browse Quality Brands

Another one of the most helpful tips for upgrading your car's upper control arms is to keep an eye on brands. This step is crucial because each brand is different, so experiences will vary between them all. If you're unfamiliar with a brand's history, dive into online customer reviews and talk with fellow car lovers to learn more about each brand.

For instance, at Springrates, we have a whole section online that lists the brands we carry. As a result, you can easily identify them and learn more about what these brands offer and how customers feel about their purchases. However, there is one more factor that will determine your control arms’ success—specific models.

Shop Suitable Models

Control arms are available for many vehicles but finding the perfect match requires knowing your specific car’s model and year. These aren’t one-size-fits-all components, but the market is wide, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect pairing for your car.

For example, when you browse our aftermarket control arms, you'll see that each listing details the arms' compatible vehicle models. That way, you don't have to open a bunch of tabs online to research while you're shopping; we'll tell you what the arms work with on the product page.

Simply put, avoid buying controls arms until you know whether they’ll work with your vehicle. Once you have all the information you need, you can identify the best upper control arms for your ride and see exactly how they impact performance on the road.