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  • BC Racing

    BC Racing BR Series Coilovers - 2012+ Audi A6 2WD/AWD

    BC Racing BR Series Coilovers are perfect for driving your car on the street and occasional road course duty. Easily accessible adjustment knobs allow for fine tuning your suspension's compression and rebound. Want to go lower? Simply adjust your...

    $1,250.00 $995.00

  • KW Suspension

    KW HAS Coilover Sleeves - 2012-2018 Audi A6 Sedan

    KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Spring) Coilover Sleeves offer height adjustment for use with OEM or aftermarket shocks. KW's latest offering to the suspension market is perfect for those looking to dial in their ride height without making the switch to a...


  • KW Suspension

    KW Street Comfort Coilovers - 2012-2018 Audi A6 Sedan

    If your original suspension is too hard for your everyday life , or dislike the comfort of your installed aftermarket suspension kit , then the KW Street Comfort sport suspension kit is the perfect solution for better driving comfort. It combines a...


  • KW Suspension

    KW Variant 1 Coilovers - 2012-2018 Audi A6 FWD/Quattro

    Sporty handling combined with sleek design.Equipped with factory pre-configured damping. The KW Variant 1 "inox-line" coilovers are KW Suspension's entry model for increased driving pleasure with an attractive and individually adjustable lowering. Due to...


  • KW Suspension

    KW Variant 2 Coilovers - 2012-2018 Audi A6 FWD/Quattro

    For more stability and driving comfort.Features adjustable rebound damping. Drivers who want more than just an outstanding look and lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range, will find our KW Variant 2 "inox-line" coilovers are their perfect...


  • KW Suspension

    KW Variant 3 Coilovers - 2012-2018 Audi A6 FWD/Quattro

    Unlimited individuality for the street and bred from race technology.Independently adjustable compression & rebound damping. Our engineers have developed a sporty yet refined setup that allows you to individualy adjust the compression & rebound...