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Swift Springs

All Springs are not created equal, the diameters and spring rates can be similar, but the process of manufacturing springs plays a huge factor in how they will perform. Through Swift Springs' extensive knowledge in performance springs, they have perfected the process of manufacturing springs that will outperform their competitors. Try Swift Springs on your vehicle, and experience what many racers are talking about. We strongly believe that you will feel the difference just like every other racer, and you might even wonder why you didn't try it sooner.

With this in mind, Swift Springs set out to produce a new material for coil springs: a proprietary steel alloy they call "HS5.TW". This material was created in order to maintain the 4 factors listed below, as well as achieving the fastest reaction speed possible to get compliance on road surface conditions. Swift springs are created with proprietary winding methods, as well as some other trade secrets focused on ensuring their springs separation from the standard market.

Swift Springs

Swift Spec-R Springs - 2018+ Tesla Model 3

$374.25 $499.00
Built for track duty, Swift Spec-R springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM shock valving. Track tested and tuned for optimum performance yet comfortable enough for a daily driver. Swift...