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Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, KSport USA Suspension Company is dedicated to bringing affordable, durable and high-performing suspension, brake and air ride systems to the automotive market. Built on a foundation of motorsports, our products have been proven both on and off the track for over 16 years in countries across the globe. We have a proven track record and continue to expand our vast array of applications as well as our commitment to customer service.

Every staff member that is employed by KSport Suspension is a passionate car enthusiast. Whether it is road racing, drifting or just enjoying their modified daily driver, we all love what we do and we’re always coming up with ways to better our products. With an excellent presence in several racing organizations and an immense following of the average Joe who modifies his daily driver, we are determined to continue evolving and value real world feedback from all of our customers, no matter where their interest lies.

Whether you’ve been running KSport for years or are just getting to know us, we would like to thank you for considering KSport for your suspension needs. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of dealers, tuners, race teams and customers across the world.

Manufacturing Process

A great deal of time and effort goes into research and development and KSport Suspension has a full team of engineers that are constantly improving our products. Our products are produced with the highest quality materials. We have a 10,000 sq. ft. room dedicated to just CNC machines which can produce 90% of our parts from scratch and completely in house. We currently have over 1200 applications and that list keeps growing on a monthly basis.

Quality Control Process

KSport USA's #1 focus is high quality coilovers and suspension accessories. Our engineers spend extensive time analyzing materials used in all of our products to ensure they hold up to the highest standards. Materials from every shipment we receive are thoroughly tested and re-tested. If any materials are out of spec, the entire lot of material is pulled before it ever hits the production line and sent back to the supplier.