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Fortune Auto

Fortune Auto develops race-winning, performance suspension systems for Japanese and European vehicles. The advanced suspension technology found in our dampers is derived from successes in World Challenge, Redline Time Attack, Formula Drift, One Lap of America, NASA Racing Series, along with being the official suspension supplier of Global Time Attack. Research and development on the racetrack allows us to deliver the best suspension system on the market which optimizes comfort, reliability, and performance.


Fortune Auto is one of the few US based suspension companies that actually inspects, assembles and services shocks in the USA. We are the only company that offers this on height/damping adjustable coilovers at our price point.

Our shock assembly and service center uses multiple state of the art Roehrig 2VS shock dynos that help us calibrate and match all Fortune Auto shocks before being shipped out. We also use the dyno for thoroughly testing, researching, and developing new products before they go into production.


Our team of designers, engineers, and assembly technicians are our biggest strength. Through our staff’s hard work and progressive mindset, we are able to push the boundaries of damper technology and continuously refine our products. The passion to be the best shows in our suspension products.


We offer a diverse range of suspension solutions for a wide variety of purposes and applications. Every shock that leaves our workshop is fully hand-built to each client’s requirements. With the assistance of our knowledgeable staff, capability to re-valve/rebuild in-house, and the availability of various upgrades and options offered, we can help you create the perfect suspension setup.

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding quality products and services that only top-tier racing teams have access to.