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Rear Coilover Adjustment Extenders

  • BC Racing

    BC Racing Rear Extenders (Set of 2)

    The rear damping adjuster on coilovers is usually hidden under a bunch of hard to reach interior panels requiring you to remove carpet, interior panels, and sometimes even the rear seats in order to adjust the dampening on your...

    $39.95 $34.95

  • ISC Suspension

    ISC Suspension Rear Adjustment Extenders (Set of 2)

    This upgrade allows for ISC Suspension customers to adjust the dampening of their coilovers in the rear without having to take the rear seat out, or take apart your trunk liner where the strut top is hiding. Works on all ISC coilovers and all vehicles...


  • Silvers

    Silver's Rear Adjustment Extenders (Set of 2)

    Certain vehicles require some interior panels to be removed in order to reach the dampening adjusters. The Silver's dampening adjustment extensions can be used to relocate the adjustment knob to an easily accessible location for those quick on the fly...

    $49.00 $30.00