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Suspension System Parts and Accessories

The basic suspension system parts of an automobile include its tires, shock absorbers, springs, struts, sway bars and linkages. An automobile's suspension systems help to improve both its handling and its ride quality. Trained automotive specialists use their knowledge, experience and expertise to adjust the suspension system parts to deliver a smooth ride, while keeping the tires as close to the ground as possible. When the optimal balance is met, the suspension system helps protect the vehicle and improves steering, acceleration, braking, handling and overall dynamic performance.


  • BC Racing

    BC Racing Rear Extenders (Set of 2)

    The rear damping adjuster on coilovers is usually hidden under a bunch of hard to reach interior panels requiring you to remove carpet, interior panels, and sometimes even the rear seats in order to adjust the dampening on your...

    $39.95 $34.95

  • Silver's

    Silver’s NEOMAX All-Weather Coilover Covers

    Silver’s Coilover Covers are a must have for vehicles that see Extreme Weather Conditions or get driven on dirt roads more often then not. Our coilover covers offer an added layer of resistance keeping dirt, mud, grime, snow, harsh road salts /...


  • Silver's

    Silver's Rear Adjustment Extenders (Set of 2)

    Certain vehicles require some interior panels to be removed in order to reach the dampening adjusters. The Silver's dampening adjustment extensions can be used to relocate the adjustment knob to an easily accessible location for those quick on the fly...

    $49.00 $30.00

  • SPL Parts

    SPL Adjustment Wrench

    The SPL Parts black anodized CNC machined billet aluminum wrench is a useful addition to your racing tool box.  Designed for use with our hybrid adjusters, this small offset wrench works in tight spaces and will will not damage the finish on the...

    $43.00 $39.00