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3 Tips for Using Air Suspension on Your Daily Driver

Posted by Springrates ,Apr 7th 2022
3 Tips for Using Air Suspension on Your Daily Driver

Air suspension systems are a common car modification, so it isn’t rare to find them among drivers who love having more control over their ride’s look and performance. That said, is this modification suitable for daily driving or only special occasions? If you’re considering making the upgrade, read these tips for using air suspension on your daily driver.

Prepare for Winter

You can use air suspension all year round. However, it’s crucial to ensure nothing is freezing in your air tank during the winter months. This can happen as a result of condensation forming in your system over time. Luckily, you can install a water trap to help immensely with this issue. For instance, our aftermarket air suspension components include water traps that can catch water drops and debris, keeping your airlines clean.

Prepare for the Road

One of the most helpful tips for using air suspension on your daily driver is remembering your everyday driving conditions. This tip is helpful because air suspension provides more control than ride height does.

Thus, whether you’re driving over smooth or rough roads, you can adjust your ride to accommodate. Suffice it to say, if you’re someone who likes to fine-tune their vehicle to meet personal preferences, you should consider air suspension systems.

Remember To Drain the Air Tank

Remember the water trap we mentioned? Well, despite being incredibly helpful, it won’t make your system maintenance-free. The condensation building up in the air tank needs to go somewhere, and the trap helps you contain the situation.

About once a month, go into your air suspension and drain the air tank of any moisture inside. Although condensation is particularly critical to monitor in winter due to potential freezing, moisture can build up in any season during the year. Thankfully, now that you have these tips to help you out, you can keep your air suspension running smoothly and productively.