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326POWER parts are designed for those who want to go one step further than the rest. Whether you want your car to be that extra bit lower, that little bit wider or simply more in-your-face, these are the parts for you. Having been founded by O.G D1GP drifter Mitsuru Haruguchi, 326POWER is one of Japan's most infamous aftermarket parts suppliers.

Haruguchi set the benchmark for drift car styling nigh on twenty years ago, a style many still try to replicate to this day. Low ride height, wide bodywork, deep dish wheels and stretched tyres; sounds familiar, right? Haruguchi was pioneering this style from the very beginning and, today, it couldn't be more relevant than ever.

Based out of Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan, 326POWER offer their own range of Coilovers, Wheels, Adjustable Suspension Arms, Body Kits, Spoilers, Wheel Nuts and much more. Each part that bears the 326POWER name is instantly recognizable thanks to their distinctive colours and branding, with every single product being manufactured to the highest possible quality to ensure that they can be used in confidence on even the most extreme of cars.


326Power Spring Super Thrust Sheets

$30.00 $39.00
326POWER Spring Super Thrust Sheets assist your coilover springs. By providing a smooth movement, that reduces spring friction and noise when turning. We highly recommend using Spring Super Thrust...